Baguio City’s Fresh Produce

If I have a chunk of change in my bank account now I would pack up my things and rent a house in the City of Pines also known as the summer capital of the Philippines for a month and live a freaking good life with horse back riding in the mornings and afternoons feeling the cold breeze right through my face, pick some strawberries, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables and toss them in my salad bowl. Curl up on my couch with a cup of coffee and a good book and leave behind all the worries I have. This is what I like in Baguio City. Whenever I’m in this city, it takes me away from reality and it’s such a sweet escape.

The vast market of fresh produce and local products puts me in ecstasy and Baguio is just the right place to find this delight.

Baguio City's Fresh Produce

fresh oyster and button mushrooms

green peppers, fresh mushrooms, sugar beets, garlic chives, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli

Paradiso Grill – Boracay

Paradiso Grill Boracay - Mango Juice

Walking in the scorching sun, half-baked and overwhelmed by the clear waters and the white-sand beaches of Boracay Island. Thirsty and meandering through a long street of what seemed like a never ending strip of bars and restaurants and undecided which one is the best, Paradiso Grill is the right place. It has the best Fresh Mango Juice in the entire island. The spicy crab made my day and I was drooling when I saw it served hot in front of me. And don’t forget to surfeit yourself in the magic of Banana Split for dessert.

Pradiso Grill Banana Split